Water: Why do we need it?

Written By: Marti Avila - Feb• 18•15


For starters, it’s very difficult to shower, swim and fill a balloon that you can throw at your brother without it! Now when it comes to your body…

Water is the primary transporter of nutrients throughout the body and is essential in carrying waste from it. Water is involved in nearly every bodily process. Water makes up between 55% and 75% of our body and we cannot live for more that five days without it. It is especially important for brain function.

I’ve written an article on my website, HelloHealthyOne.com , about water along with information on what type of water is best to maintain a healthy body. I invite you to read more about it and then come back here and comment. Just go to my website and click on the ‘Water’ tab under the Health Tips Menu. Have a great day and stay healthy!

Coach Marti

My Training

Written By: Marti Avila - Jan• 16•15


Through my education at my Nutrition school (the largest nutrition school in the country), having lost over 100 pounds on my own at a young age and decades of practicing good healthy eating habits, I feel very confident in knowing that I can help just about anyone reach their health goals and live in a “Preventative” lifestyle.

I am educated in over 100 modalities of diets with added knowledge for specific health issues.  Knowing what works best for achieving the best results for my client.  For more Information on my training, qualifications and certifications, please visit my website under the menu tab “My Training.”  Click here



Hello Healthy One!

Written By: Marti Avila - Jan• 12•15

Trumpet guys

Hey Kids, I have a huge announcement for you! (insert a clearing of throat here…) It is my GREAT BIG HUGE pleasure and with EXTREME excitement that I (insert another clearing of throat here…) tell you that I have just launched my own brand new health orientated website!  Please check out all the cool stuff that will help you lead a healthier life by clicking here:  www.HelloHealthyOne.com

RSS Feed

Written By: Marti Avila - Jan• 01•15

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